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Introducing the New

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New to and don’t know where to start? Looking for just the right theme, or wondering how to use all the features in your dashboard? Interested in creating a website, not a blog? Or perhaps you’re ready to do more on your site, from adding image galleries…

Import-ant News for Google Reader Users

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The big news on the internet the last couple of days has been that seminal RSS reader Google Reader will be shutting down on July 1, 2013. Google Reader had lots of fans, including many of us here at Automattic, but it’s time to move on. Speaking of…

7 Reasons Why Blogging Is Still Important

Some people would like you to think blogging as we know it is over. They share the eye-popping numbers for Tumblr’s growth, for example: 355 million unique visitors per month, and 400 million pageviews per day. And it’s true that Twitter and Facebook have lead many people away from blogging. But publishing content on a blog is […]

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Tumblr, the combination blogging platform and social network, has been growing rapidly of late — so rapidly that it is now racking up about 8.4 billion pageviews a month, according to a blog post from president John Maloney. One of the big drivers for this growth appears to be teenagers, who…

Why Tags Are More Important On Your WordPress Blog Than Ever Before

If you’ve ever posted a blog on any platform, you’re probably familiar with tagging. Tags are a way to organize your content, making it easier for users to view posts on similar topics to the one that they are reading. We suggest that you tag people, places, things, bills, and other topics of your post, […]

100 Amazing Social Media Statistics, Facts And Figures

Below is an Article that discusses the 100 Amazing Social Media Statistics, Facts And Figures and shows the significant for Social Media.